Condition Guide

Condition Guide

We have been in the retail business for 14+ years and have been collecting collectibles for over 35+ years. We often grade and price our in store retro games and collectibles on condition as well as rarity. Over our years of experience we have learned that grading is an art and sometimes no two opinions are the same.

We take great pride in our grading process and strive to be as consistent as possible. In that respect if you don't agree on a particular grading please let us know as soon as possible and we will make every attempt to let you know why it was graded in that way and assist you in any other questions you may have.

The following grading scale below is a general idea of what we take into account when we assign a number grade on an item.

As a general rule of thumb anything graded 8 or above is what we would consider brand new quality. Equivalent to the condition you would find in a new retail store. Most of these are without any major defects and normally only has minor shelf wear. 98% of most collectors will be happy with the condition of these items with the exception being the perfectionists.

1 & 2 - This condition of the box is damaged beyond all hope. This will include crushing, complete box tearing and missing or mangled windows. We would probably never stock an item in this condition as something of this magnitude would be better served as an open box loose item. 

3 & 4 - The box will have some major creases, smashing and tearing of the box might appear in multiple places. There may be some major crushing in parts of the box. The window might be damaged, torn or be extremely foggy from scratches and rubbing. 

5 & 6 - The box may have some crushed in corners, major creasing in minor places on the box. There may be minor tears, with moderate window scuffing or scratches. Overall a pretty stable box just with visual issues.

7 - The box will normally exhibit slight shelf wear, a small crease or two in minor spots. One or two slightly dinged corners, some minor wear on the window and maybe a very small tear or cut in a non major area.

8 - The box will be in overall great shape. There may be some very minor wear to the box at close inspections but look very good from a slight distance.  There may be very minor shelf wear, a lightly dinged corner,or a small scratch or crease in a not seen area of the box. The window might have some light scuffing or residue but would not detract from the beauty of the item. This would be a very nice display piece for any collection.

9 - A near perfect Pop, however there might be some very slight shelf wear in the corners or very slight marks on the window. Definitely an excellent piece to add to any collection!

9.5 - As close to perfection as you can get. This Pop will show no signs of wear and appear to be case fresh. Because grading is such an opinionated aspect of collecting we would never call an item a perfect 10 (although 9.5 is pretty much a perfect 10 in our book!)