Pre-Order Policy

Pre-Order Policy

In order for us to keep accurate control of inventory all pre-order's are final 48 hours after purchase. If you need to make a change for any reason after the 48 hour period please contact us directly, there will be a 15% restocking fee charged as our pre-orders are limited.

In order to make sure you receive your pre-orders on time we highly recommend making separate orders if you are requesting shipping. We will hold your orders until they are all in stock before shipping. If you need an item shipped before your order is complete we will need to charge you an additional $5 shipping charge for that item.

Pre-order FAQ:

Q: Does free shipping over $75 apply to pre-orders?

A: Free shipping does not apply to pre-order products unless you want your order held up until all items are in stock. Since pre-orders come at a later date we cannot apply free shipping on that item if your shipment as already shipped. 


Q: When can I expect my pre-order to ship?

A: We are normally given either an estimated month or a coming soon update from Funko. We are not given exact shipping dates just a general idea of when the items will be available. We will notify everyone via our Instagram account on shipment updates. We normally will find out when a product ships a few days before we receive the items. You will see initial releases of commons at big box retailers first as Funko reserves a small shipment for them before everyone else receives their orders.


Q: Do I need to pay up front for my pre-orders?

A: We currently require full payment on all pre-orders. Since this is a guarantee reserve item for you we cannot accept partial payments or deposits as this encourages people to cancel their orders before shipment throwing off inventory and removing inventory from people who really want to order because stock is limited.


Q: Can I order online and pickup in store?

A: We have a storefront located in Camarillo, California. We have added a store pick up option when checking out under the shipping options. When your pre-order is ready we will notify you and you can come in and pickup your pre-order.